Just two spaced-out, burnt-out graduates looking to score video games and other such things.
(Mission statement in progress.)

alexa thanos, co-founder (left)

"The Harmonizer" ⋅ Piano ⋅ Melody Writing ⋅
FMOD ⋅ Creative Direction ⋅ Social Media ⋅ Admin

(If you got an email from us, there's a 98% chance that I sent it.)

sean ettlin, co-founder (right)

"The Orchestrator" ⋅ Synth Design ⋅ Project Management ⋅
Voice Over ⋅ Beats ⋅ Piano ⋅ Guitar

(If you got an email from us, Alexa read it to me no fewer than eight times before sending it.)

(Actual portraits arriving soon!)

Sean & Alexa:  A Brief Note by Alexa

Our friendship has survived a pandemic, a change of life plans, and a number of curve-balls thrown our way.  

(It even survived me accidentally ghosting Sean way back in the day, but we don't need to dwell on that!)

What I'll forever be grateful for in our lasting friendship is our true sense of partnership, especially as it applies to work.

When one of us grows tired of working, we pass the baton to the other.  I rest while he steers, and either minutes or hours later, we trade places again.  We know each other's habits sometimes better than we know our own, and we're not afraid to lean into our individual strengths in each project and make a piece so much greater than the sum of our parts. 

In truth, even our "individual" compositions will invariably have each other's fingerprints on the scores.  

And I wholeheartedly believe we're better off for that.

Alexa & Sean:  A Brief Note by Sean

Coming soon to a website near you! (This one, specifically. Hopefully. One day...)