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the little bookshelf: available now!

Spaced Out Studios has had the immense pleasure of working with Andrew Hartshorn and monochrome motif records, and we're delighted to bring you the little bookshelf.

We bring you our first instrumental album that features our classical and cinematic capabilities. The primary concept of this album was inspired by Alexa’s treasured collection of her childhood books, and in our lives, it has sparked a reading renaissance of children’s fiction.  We drew inspiration from the stories of our childhood and re-told some of our favorite parts in our own classically-inspired language.

Included with the album download is a PDF liner note booklet covering the inspiration and composition of each track. At the risk of sounding preachy, if any of our notes about these pieces inspire you to revisit these books after any number of years, we truly hope you do.

Independent record label specializing in Post Classical, Cinematic music and Electronica. Releasing limited edition CDs and digital.

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Sleepy Donut Jams: Streaming Now!

Spaced Out Studios has had the pleasure of signing onto Badself Media and publishing an album full of pieces we wrote for game jams with Sleepy Donut, LLC.

We had the pleasure of inviting Michael Spicer to feature on this album.  

The best part?  We are all Andrew Prahlow approved!

If you like our album, please consider supporting Spaced Out Studios, Spicer Audio, and Badself Media by purchasing it on Bandcamp. 🎉

published by audion song records

Original game scores, electroacoustic compositions, and more! 

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Featured in "the monochrome assembly"

Spaced Out Studios has had the pleasure of taking part in the monochrome assembly.  poseidon's realm is available for preorder in anticipation of its April 22, 2023 release.  

Special thanks to Andrew Hartshorn and monochrome motif records

Please enjoy both our new track and our new video format!  We can't wait to release our album in August.

poseidon's realm by the monochrome assembly is available for preorder!