Spaced Out Studios

The one-stop-musical shop for your video games, short films, content creation, and podcast dramas.

(We can also make you a personal theme song, or a theme song for your cat, or maybe put together a little tune for your phone alarm that reminds you to do stuff.  We're pretty crafty, and we can do it all!)

Each soundtrack that we've made is entirely tailored to the project at hand, and with our wildly different musical inclinations, we bring a unique, detailed, and high-energy approach to all of our piecesThough our musical tastes vary greatly, we are both classically trained pianists with backgrounds in electronic music production, so we're always thrilled to blend classical music with new sounds and perspectives. 

Beyond music, we can also bring writing, creative design, graphic design, and even some voice acting to your table.  All of our logos, graphics, promotional materials, and video editing are done in-house.  

If you're looking to pare down the number of members on a project, we reliably cover as many bases as we are able.


New: Strawberry Jam!

Coming Soon: an album with monochrome motif records

Stay tuned for our Summer 2023 album!  We'll continue to share details on our Twitter as we approach release.  Until then, please check out and support the other fabulous artists who are already on this wonderful label!

monochrome motif records · monochrome motif bandcamp · monochrome motif Twitter

soon to be published by bad self music

Original game scores, electroacoustic compositions, and more! 

Bad Self Music - production and publishing · Bad Self Spotify · Bad Self Twitter

Latest Game: Hare Runner

Submitted to Ludum Dare 52!

Commissions: Twitch Bump Music

Commissioned by tjcombomofo.