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(We can also make you a personal theme song, or a theme song for your cat, or maybe put together a little tune for your phone alarm that reminds you to do stuff.  We're pretty crafty!)

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Available for streaming and purchase!

Available for streaming and purchase!

We are delighted to share in Audion Song's This Game Does Not Exist series amongst composers Jeremy Scott Olsen, Meghan Rose Scott, Timothy Tomas Garcia, and more!  Click the albums above to learn more about us, our fabulous label, and listen to all the other offerings from Badself Media.

(Not to brag, but we're internationally signed artists.)

the little bookshelf
Released September 1, 2023

We bring you our first instrumental album that features our classical and cinematic capabilities.

The primary concept of this album was inspired by Alexa’s treasured collection of her childhood books, and in our lives, it has sparked a reading renaissance of children’s fiction. We’ve read aloud to each other, thrifted books we had lost over time, and grown to appreciate so much more of the writings we loved when we were little.

Included with the album download is a PDF liner note booklet covering the inspiration and composition of each track. At the risk of sounding preachy, if any of our notes about these pieces inspire you to revisit these books after any number of years, we truly hope you do.

Please enjoy the little bookshelf.

– Alexa Thanos & Sean Ettlin

"These guys are like, proper musicians!"
Cosmic Bos

published by
audion song records

burbank, CA

published by
monochrome motif records

leicester, UK

We love making music!

Each soundtrack that we've made is distinctly tailored to the project at hand, and with our wildly different musical inclinations, we bring a unique, detailed, and high-energy approach to all of our pieces.  Though our musical tastes vary greatly, we are both classically trained pianists with backgrounds in electronic music production, so we're always thrilled to blend classical music with new sounds and perspectives. 

Beyond music, we can also bring writing, creative design, graphic design, and even some voice acting to your table.  All of our logos, graphics, promotional materials, and video editing are done in-house.  

If you're looking to pare down the number of members on a project, we reliably cover as many bases as we are able... even if we're a little spaced out. 🪐